DPO Survival Guide to Christmas

DPO Survival Guide to Christmas

Artikel og illustrationer venligst udlånt af Julia Sommer 

Auditor | DPO | Public Speaker | Developing healthy corporate Data-culture

Publiceret 1. gang den 13. januar 2019

4 rules that can help you live through Chrismas and stay compliant!

Christmassing is hard to do with all the personal data flying around and colleagues sugar-high on candy, while trying to finish year reports and last minute tasks before the end of the year. So how do you manage the crazy month of December as a DPO? Here are 4 rules that can help you live through Chrismas and stay compliant!

Rule 1: Don't eat too much cake!

The best way to achieve compliance is to lead by example. Data is like cake - within our grasp and everywhere, so it is hard to stay away. That is why it is your job as a DPO to minimise you cake consumption in the good spirit of GDPR and always make sure that your colleagues know, why you restrict your cake eating to those 6 conditions, which are the basis og lawfull data processing.


Rule 2: Kiss, but don't tell

With numerous Christmas parties in the office and in various professional networds, it can be hard to keep track of all the interesting developments under the misteltoe and at the same time protect the privacy of the colleagues, with all the cell-phone cameras around. Here are 7 simple ideas for data minimisation, that you can provide to your colleagues as a DPO.


Rule 3: Keep Calm & Drink Coffee

Everyone is busy with last minute reports and wrapping up the projects. Compliance is not on the mind of your colleagues, until it hits them like a brick and they run to you in panic. DPO work is being able to listen to people and understand their data processing patterns to give the propper counceling. That is why you, as a DPO, should bring your heart to work and take time to connect with colleagues bespite the busy times.

Coffee is a creat conversation starter and (compliance-) coockies are great way to develop common ground and work out solutions. ;)


Rule 4: Keep on Beeing Awesome!

DPO role is still new and exotic. Differnt companies have different needs and take differen approaches in the implementation of GDPR. That is why there is not one recipe for how to be a DPO. Believe in yourselv and do your best at work. Rome was not bult in one day, and so is compliance - a process that takes time and effort. Keep on Beeing Awesome and spread GDPR awareness and compliance around you! The 2019 will be even better than the previous year. :)

How can I be so sure? Well because I have some street-creadit with the cool youngsters. A 7-year old asked me recently : "so what is it you actually do at work?" And I realised that I have worlds most fantastik job and in community with other DPOs I get a chance to develope a completely new professional field that takes an important part in protection of human rigts to privacy!


And at last: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We have all grew tired on Santa-GDPR jokes. (Even today i still cannot understand why Art.4 got such a bad reputation among GDPR-haters? It is just the definitions.)

That is why I want to come to Santas defence in the last days og 2018. As I was looking at my annual compliance report, I realised that Santa Claus is a DPO! :D and is therefore in full compliance of processing of childrens personal data. Isn't it a merry thought? If I could dream, I would hope some big news newtork like @MSNBC, would pick such story up and calm the population.


Venligst udlånt af Julia Sommer

Auditor | DPO | Public Speaker | Developing healthy corporate Data-culture


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