Chief Compliance Officer to join Loomis Danmark A/S
31.05.2022 Aktuel stilling

Chief Compliance Officer to join Loomis Danmark A/S

On behalf of Loomis Denmark A/S, PBO Juridisk Rekruttering is looking for a Chief Compliance Officer.

About Loomis

Loomis Danmark’s ambition in the Danish market is to move up the value chain and become an even stronger partner with our customers on all payments.

Our strategy in the cash service business is to move into new cash services, build an even stronger position and play an essential role in the out-sourcing of bank cash services.

In order to prepare and take a strong position, Loomis Danmark is applying for a PSD2 license during the first half of 2022. To help execute on the license, ensure that Loomis Danmark operates fully compliant and efficiently within the regulatory framework, we are looking for a strong Chief Compliance Officer to head the journey and the organization, reporting to the Country President Loomis Danmark A/S and the Group CCO.

As Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at Loomis Denmark you are primarily responsible for overseeing financial compliance within the company and ensuring compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, policies, procedures, and reporting.

Your workplace is Taastrup, Litauen Allé 1, 2630 Taastrup. 

Areas of responsibility | Compliance

As Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), you will be responsible for the compliance structure in Loomis Danmark A/S and building a strong and excellent compliance organization fitted to the strategy of Loomis Danmark A/S.

You will oversee and be responsible for

  • policies and instructions related to the various compliance areas of oversight in alignment with government laws and financial regulations, including all regulations in relation to the PSD2 license and to the issued license to perform foreign currency exchange activities.
  • identifying the risks connected to financial regulations and other rules that are applicable to the licensed activities, as well as monitor and verify that the risks are managed by the relevant functions.
  • monitoring and verifying the compliance with laws, regulations and other rules, as well as relevant internal rules.
  • monitoring and regularly assessing if the company’s procedures and measures that the company has established to reduce the compliance risks are effective and efficient.
  • providing advice to and support the staff, Country President, the Management Team and the Board of Directors of the laws, regulations, and other rules applicable to the financial activities as well as internal rules.
  • informing and educating relevant persons about new or amended rules and other compliance related matters.
  • verifying that new, or significantly altered products, services, markets, processes, IT systems and major changes in the company’s operations and organization comply with the laws, regulations, and other rules applicable to the company’s licensed operations.
  • monitoring and verifying that the internal rules and procedures that the company has established regarding financial compliance are complied with.
  • making recommendations to the appropriate persons based on the observations that the compliance function has made.
  • reporting regarding compliance related issues on a regular basis to the Country President, the Group CCO and the Board.
  • reporting to the Danish Financial Authorities as set out in the Danish regulations for licensed companies.
  • promoting and enhancing the compliance and governance culture, including ethics and best practice business conduct.
  • all contacts with financial authorities.

Your areas of responsibility and work tasks 

  • Focal Point in relation to regulatory work and requirements
  • Focal Point in relation to external advisors
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to Group CCO
  • Reporting to the Danish FSA according to the regulatory framework
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Monitoring and controlling of KYC-work
  • Internal audits according to Loomis DK policies
  • Responsible for internal training on KYC/AML
  • Compliance analysis in general
  • Responsible for Risk analysis in relation to regulatory requirements
  • Customer analysis in relation to compliance issues, high-risk etc
  • Preparation for compliance status and presentation on Board of Directors meeting
  • Responsible for external audits (e.g. DK FSA inspections)
  • AML Committee work
  • Ad hoc meetings with Group CCO and other stakeholders
  • Ad hoc meetings with customers in relation to compliance issues
  • Internal and external meetings in relation to regulatory issues
  • Responsible for compliance systems
  • Recommendations on needed resources and qualifications

Reporting line

  • Reporting to Country President Loomis Danmark A/S.
  • Reporting to Group Chief of Compliance (Stockholm).
  • Stakeholders
    • Internal
      • The Chief Compliance Officer’s internal stakeholders are the Group CCO, Country President, Management Team, Board of Directors and others.
    • External
      • The Chief Compliance Officer’s external stakeholders are the supervisory authorities, the Danish FSA and others. 

Education and experience

  • Law degree
  • 5-8 years of experience from a similar position and exposed to a regulated business in the finance sector or the like
  • Experienced with compliance IT-systems and working with digitization of compliance related processes
  • Documented excellent leadership and management skills
  • Strategic vision
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Fluently English in speaking and writing
  • Strong interpersonal and analytical skills with a structured way of working

About you | Leading people

You must regularly and proactively work with your team development and focus on direct report competence, performance and future development steps. Moreover, you must ensure strong knowledge of local regulations, changes and training of the team accordingly.

To represent and fully act according to all dimensions of our Loomis model – you are expected to be a role model.

You proactively communicate and inform internally where we are coming from, where we are now, and where we are heading.

You create a strong relationship with the country management team and other stakeholders, and ensure best practice sharing. 

About you | Supervising people

You are able to represent the Loomis model in general and especially our ten management principles. You have a clear and decisive approach, and we expect you to take our grandparent principle in consideration.

Our business is based upon highly sensitive and confidential information that companies operating in our type of business need to be able to handle. Therefore, integrity and professional judgement is critical. 

About you | Personal qualifications

  • Structured
  • Persistent
  • Credible
  • Effective and impactful
  • IT-minded
  • Solution-driven
  • Team player

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Candidates are referred by PBO Juridisk Rekruttering, and job interviews are held on an ongoing basis, and the position is taken down when the right candidate has been found.

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